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Yesterday was my friend Shauna's Bat Mitzvah. The service was really long and was in Hebrew so I didn't understand it but the dinner/dance after it was great. Ryan was there!! (Yeah, yeah, I know he's 22 and too old for me) He was going around fast dancing with EVERY guest that was a female. (Even the little baby girl which he held and the 70 year old grandma.) He even fast danced with me.

Later on they played a Michael Jackson song and he knew all the moves. He was awesome. Later on when lots of the guests were gone it was slow dance time and guess what?? HE DANCED WITH ME!! I made Sarah take a picture because he looked so hot and I was dancing with him which is a once in a lifetime thing. (well, maybe not)I took 8 pictures of Ryan from last night. I'll post them. I just cant believe that...


(Sorry I'm just happy cuz I didn't know that he noticed me ever until now.)
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